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"Reach the homebound, distant relative, class or concert participant, racer, gymnast, and those missing your live-events over the Internet!"
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Allow anyone with a web browser and an Internet connection to view your service, mass, board / town hall meeting, lecture, yoga or fitness class and much more!

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Streaming2u (S2u) provides consulting services to help plan, implement and maintain live and recorded video content directly to your website over the Internet. S2u also creates, updates and services websites and CCTV security systems, and produces high quality video marketing material. Click here for all Service Offerings
Charlie Drucker PMP MBA
Charles Drucker, MBA, PMP
, with over 20+ years of professional consulting in information technology, is your point of contact. He has developed interactive websites with digital content for major Fortune 1000 companies. See the Contact Us page for ways to contact him.
Charlie Drucker Public Profile on LinkedIn
Project Management Institute
Charlie understands both non-profit and traditiona
l businesses. His recent focus has been on video streaming technologies, including Flash and high-definition videography. He will help you get your message out with a properly-sized implementation to meet your current and future needs.
Streaming Video Enthusiast Blog Site
Charlie maintains a blog called "Streaming Video Enthusiast - A Guide for Amateur Videographer", where he provides advice to those interested in starting and maintaining video productions. You can find links to Charlie's Social Media Venues (YouTube, Twitter, etc.) there, too!