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"Reach the homebound, distant relative, class or concert participant, racer, gymnast, and those missing your live-events over the Internet!"
American Express welcomed!
All major credit cards accepted!
Allow anyone with a web browser and an Internet connection to view your service, mass, board / town hall meeting, lecture, yoga or fitness class and much more!

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Streaming2u Consulting offers a wide range of services. Our professional service consulting covers the design, implementation, maintenance and support of your video system. Contact us for a free, on-site demonstration of how we can assist your business in getting it's message out via the Internet
Streaming2u also creates and updates Websites. Click here for a sampling of websites developed. We offer video marketing production and CCTV security system install and maintenance services, on request. Please contact us directly for more details
Streaming2u Core Streaming Services are provided via three (3) Video Service Plans -
Hourly Rate, Monthly Rate and Equipment Install
, and provided by award winning
Online Scheduling/Payment System. We are a preferred business partner - please "page down" for our offering.
All Major Credit Cards Welcomed!
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