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"Reach the homebound, distant relative, class or concert participant, racer, gymnast, and those missing your live-events over the Internet!"
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Allow anyone with a web browser and an Internet connection to view your service, mass, board / town hall meeting, lecture, yoga or fitness class and much more!

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"We have members who are physically unable to attend worship on a regular basis. There are also occasions where relatives of celebrating families cannot, for a variety of reasons, attend their family's joyous event. From time to time, prospective members also inquire as to the nature of our worship experience. There are many congregations who are already offering this service to their congregants on a permanent basis. We are very proud of the great job Charlie has done to allow us to continue our journey forward into the electronic age with confidence."

Peter Levy, 2010, President Central Synagogue
"The picture and sound quality are exceptional. This has been a blessing to have, now that I can't get out much"

Home-Bound Congregant 2010 (name withheld by request)
"Streaming2u Consulting is awesome! He allowed us to stream on the Internet and record occasions to DVD. It is wonderful to share and promote our beautiful temple"  Board of Trustees Member 2010
Central Synagogue of Nassau County Facade
Windows Media player video from Central's bema
Central Synagogue of Nassau Co
430 Demott Avenue
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
(516) 766-4300
All Faiths Welcomed!