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"Reach the homebound, distant relative, class or concert participant, racer, gymnast, and those missing your live-events over the Internet!"
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Allow anyone with a web browser and an Internet connection to view your service, mass, board / town hall meeting, lecture, yoga or fitness class and much more!

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Websites Developed
Gergathy Electric Inc
Wechsler Photography
Olympic Fence NYC
Slavin & Slavin Lawfirm
The Ultimate Agency Title Company
Cary S. Goldinger Lawfirm
Central Synagogue of Nassau County - Charity Website!
Drucker Website Portfolio (click for PDF)
              Commercial Small Business Sites - Electrician, Fence Co, Photographer               
                         Other Commercial Sites - Legal and Title Companies                                  
                          Charity Sites - Synagogues, Spin for Cancer Fundraiser